Quality of products/services point to the quality of the entity delivering these products/services. Quality management remains an integral part of our regular activities. We try to meet the principles of excellence while designing, implementing, testing and modifying our products. Flawless performance, safety and user-friendliness of our products are bolstered by our continuous support services. We meet all related national and international standards while developing our products. 

The Board of Management ensures that the aim and management of Hemosoft are in line. Our team leaders create and maintain the internal environment in which our employees contribute to the achievement of Hemosoft’s goals. Periodic project meetings are held regularly to track the deviations (if any) from project outcomes and timelines. Hemosoft’s web-based Project Management software which has been developed in-house is used to serve such purposes. Corrective measures and upgrading efforts to newer versions never end and always remain a permanent task of the company. Each training session in context of periodic staff training carry the software developers one step ahead each time. 

Hemosoft’s employees work closely with customers and actual end-users to identify needs starting from the concept phase. In order to create state-of-the-art products, they undertake research, collaborate with the faculty members and other business/industry networks and track recent technological advances as well as innovation news. Creation of new ideas come from all these circles and often tackled as per the SCAMPER Methodology. 

Hemosoft has completed in 2006, the implementation of the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001.

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