The Life Sciences department was established in 2010. Department staff consists of veterinary physicians, agricultural engineers and genetics experts and receives support from academicians in the field. The Department is in close collaboration with renowned experts in the fields of genetics, medical biology, animal breeding, animal welfare, milk efficiency, farm and herd management, etc. Our academic network, which helps to carry the state of livestock management one step further, includes 11 veterinary and agriculture faculties, 5 institutes and associations. To this end, we are directly involved in field work to deliver herd management consultancy and provide ideas for an effective turn-key farm organization. Our services include imports of genetically high value animals as well as meat and dairy products. We have also developed a comprehensive animal breeding web portal -VETPORT - and a state-of-the-art herd management software - ASYST (an early warning and decision support system) - which embodies innovative modules (such as 3D linear scoring, nutrition ratio calculation, etc.) to be used by farm managers and veterinary physicians working in the field. We have also developed VIGENOS PLUS, a genetic analysis software designed to serve as a tool in gene mapping studies and shorten the time required for diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases.

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