Hemosoft’s Project Development Department has a great deal of experience in tracking project calls, drawing up the project dossiers, initiating and maintaining collaborations with local and foreign stakeholders and professionally managing the projects supported by national or international funding programs. In addition to the academic and vocational background of the Department’s staff, Hemosoft has accumulated over the years vast experience on project management, owing to successful completion of many projects as either the main coordinator or project partner.

 ✔ Successfully completed over 30 national and international projects (capacity building and reorganization projects, technical assistance projects, R&D projects, etc.)

 ✔ Experience in national support/funding programs (TÜBİTAK, SANTEZ, Ankara Development Agency, University Support Programs)

 ✔ Experience in international support/funding programs (European Commission’s former Framework, Horizon 2020, Life-Long Learning - Leonardo da Vinci, EUREKA, EUROSTAR, United Nations Development Program Projects, ERA-NET, etc.)

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