Hemosoft hardware and mechatronics department, thanks to its team of mechanical, electronics, mechatronics and software engineers, industrial designers and medical doctors, developed a capacity to bring ideas to life as world class products. Achieving a complete product life cycle from conceptual design to maturity and product upgrading especially in the field of healthcare is the main duty of the department. The individuals in the department have extensive experiences in ad-hoc concepts like healthcare devices, pharmacy automation equipment, e-health, electromagnetics, microfluidics, biomedical devices, facility control systems, special purpose machinery, renewable energy and veterinary equipment. The department is tasked with producing a broad range of innovative products and solutions to be used in pharmacies, hospitals, blood centers, depots, clinics and research centers. Main avenues of application are neurological sciences, hematology, infectious diseases, pharmaceutical services, animal productivity/welfare and food quality.

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