Hemosoft’s post-sales efforts rely heavily on on-site and e-training services delivered. Adoption of our systems by many organizations which might be located anywhere across the nation brought us to a point where we must train end users as well as the trainers themselves. In this context, we also developed our own e-training platforms to serve this purpose. A team of training experts (remote training, e-education) remains a part of our family to serve our customers. The team not only provides training on how to use our products but also delivers occasional conceptual education on topics including blood banking, facility monitoring, farm and herd management, biotechnology, etc. For every product/solution we provide, we also deliver on-site training and remote e-training to help the users improve their knowledge on the associated conceptual framework.

 ✔ More than 6000 software users trained up to date.

✔ More than 2000 professionals trained for vocational excellence (medical doctors, quality managers, veterinary physicians, etc.)

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