The aging of the population in developed countries is posing a significant stress in the health system, so there is an ever increasing interest in the application of new technologies to achieve economic, fast and accurate diagnostic systems that can help reduce the overall diagnostic costs. The 3DFF project aims at providing a biosensor platform that can be used as the basis to build such systems.

The project goal is to develop a sensor technology that unifies high performance with low cost per test. The sensor will be based on a flexible substrate that can integrate seamlessly microfluidic and microelectronics components. The substrate will be the basis for a disposable sensor that will be complemented by a reader platform able to translate the sensor data into information that can be presented to the users.

The results of the project will be demonstrated in three different applications to show the flexibility and broad use possibilities of the developed technology. The applications will be:

  • Detection of the use of Drugs of Abuse using a saliva sample on a point of care device.
  • Point of Care to detect biomarkers in a blood sample to diagnose cardiovascular diseases.
  • Wearable wireless patch capable of detecting different ions and biomarkers in a sweat sample.

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