Smart Herd Management System (ASYST) is a state-of-the-art herd management and decision support system which has smart warning algorithms. When compared to the standard herd management systems, ASYST has some superior features such as 3D linear scoring, nutrition ration calculation, etc., to be used by farm managers and veterinary physicians working in the field.

System Features:

✔ Compatible with all milking systems. It is readily integrated to two systems widely used in the market (80% of the market)

✔ Capable of animal-specific cost analysis. Employs advanced reporting tools for all kinds of loss-profit situations of the farm (new to the world)

✔ Possesses advanced algorithms concerning stray decisions

✔ 3 Dimensional Linear Scoring: Broodstock selection and matching (new to the world)

✔ 3 Dimensional Body Condition Scoring: Body condition scoring is one of the most important herd management tools (new to Turkey)

✔ Displays animals according to their kinship (new to the world)

✔ Animal Welfare Tracking (new to the world)

✔ Detailed Yield Tracking: All milking, weighing, reproduction data supported by smart algorithms that generate early warnings when necessary.

✔ Ration calculation (linear optimization) (new to the world)

✔ Advanced reporting tools

✔ Retrieves all mandatory reports (saves hours of routine paper work)

✔ Advanced clinical management

✔ Contains all licensed/authorized drugs and automatically calculates doses (about 20.000 lines of information has been entered) (new to the world)


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