Hemosoft has recently introduced an innovative stem cell culture bioreactor. The bioreactor has been constructed on optic sensor capabilities and special DO/pH control algorithms.

BioPROCELL is a new generation disposable bioreactor which utilizes shaking motion for mixing with low shear. The combination of control mechanisms developed or adjusted by Hemosoft can be used while operating the BioPROCELL. The disposable bioreactor system has been designed for growing tissue by using stem cells as input.

BioPROCELL uses a shaking platform in its disposable or autoclavable versions. The shaking method provides a homogeneous mixture with low shear. Shaking procedure enables fluid movement within the cell culture medium which reveals sufficient homogenization. In this way, the surface of the medium is continuously renewed enabling mass transfer inside the Erlenmeyer flask.

Single-use bioreactor reduces validation costs; eliminates the need for sterilization and provides a contamination-free cell culture process. BioPROCELL also has a user-friendly software interface and easy-to-use hardware. While it has been developed to culture stem cells, it is also applicable to all cell types, including mammalian cells, plant cells, arthropod cells and microorganisms.

✔ Minimum Space Design.

✔ cGMP-compliant to meet your regulation requirements in research & production.

✔ Capable of batch, fed-batch & perfusion.

✔ Fully-integrated system the system have all the control you need including DO/pH, 4-gas control, speed & heating control.

✔ DO/pH sensors are optical none-invasive sensor

✔ Interchangeable, autoclavable glass vessels or disposable vessels are available in four sizes. 50 ml, 100 ml, 200ml and 400ml, total volume.

✔ Pre-configured packages simplify ordering process.

✔ Customizable by selecting from a wide range of options including multiple mass.

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